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Valid after 01.01.2010

I Generalities.

  1. Events of Superkross Cup Challenge (SCC) are held on ice-, gravel-, or tarmac surfaced closed circuits and organized by Erki Sport MTÜ.
  2. Erki Sport MTÜ and Estonian Autosport Union (EAU) are cooperating in organizing SCC.
  3. The main organizer of SCC is Erki Sport MTÜ (non-profit organization). The rights to organize SCC events may be delegated to third party only according to the agreement with Erki Sport MTÜ and EAU.

The exclusive rights to use ‘Superkross’ trademark and name at autosport events belongs to Erki Sport MTÜ.

  1. Events of SCC are organized in accordance with the EAU Sporting Code, National Competition Organizers’ Regulations, SCC General Regulations, Supplementary Regulations and SCC Technical Regulations. Exact Supplementary Regulations approved by EAU will be published 14 days before every SCC event. If the regulations, mentioned above, are not published in English, the important part will be explained in Supplementary Regulations and/or at drivers briefing.
  2. The contact details of the owner and organizer of Superkross Cup Challenge are:


Kahva tee 1, 88317 Papsaare, Audru vald, Pärnumaa

Bank account: MTÜ Erki Sport, 10022030073004 SEB

Eiki Eriste +3725154591 (EST/RUS)
Erko Eriste +3725287454 (EST/RUS)
Peeter Raudsepp +3725154659 (EST/RUS/FIN/ENG)

All regulations, calendars, results and all official notices will be published on the official homepage of Superkross Cup Challenge - and  on the homepage of Estonian Autosport Union – . If You need any advice and help, don’t hesitate to ask – continue reading…