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Valid after 01.01.2010

I Generalities.

  1. Events of Superkross Cup Challenge (SCC) are held on ice-, gravel-, or tarmac surfaced closed circuits and organized by Erki Sport MTÜ.
  2. Erki Sport MTÜ and Estonian Autosport Union (EAU) are cooperating in organizing SCC.
  3. The main organizer of SCC is Erki Sport MTÜ (non-profit organization). The rights to organize SCC events may be delegated to third party only according to the agreement with Erki Sport MTÜ and EAU.

The exclusive rights to use ‘Superkross’ trademark and name at autosport events belongs to Erki Sport MTÜ.

  1. Events of SCC are organized in accordance with the EAU Sporting Code, National Competition Organizers’ Regulations, SCC General Regulations, Supplementary Regulations and SCC Technical Regulations. Exact Supplementary Regulations approved by EAU will be published 14 days before every SCC event. If the regulations, mentioned above, are not published in English, the important part will be explained in Supplementary Regulations and/or at drivers briefing.
  2. The contact details of the owner and organizer of Superkross Cup Challenge are:


Kahva tee 1, 88317 Papsaare, Audru vald, Pärnumaa

Bank account: MTÜ Erki Sport, 10022030073004 SEB

Eiki Eriste +3725154591 (EST/RUS)
Erko Eriste +3725287454 (EST/RUS)
Peeter Raudsepp +3725154659 (EST/RUS/FIN/ENG)

All regulations, calendars, results and all official notices will be published on the official homepage of Superkross Cup Challenge - and  on the homepage of Estonian Autosport Union – . If You need any advice and help, don’t hesitate to ask – info@superkross.eeII Schedule of Superkross Cup Challenge events.

  1. 10 events in total will be organized on the season of 2010.
  2. Planned locations and dates of events :
Number of event Type Date Location
I event Ice circuit 17. January Taali
II event Ice circuit 14. February Viljandi
III event Ice circuit 28. February Valgerand
IV event Autocross 18. April Pärnu
V event Circuit 9. May Pärnu
VI event Circuit 6. June Pärnu
VII event Circuit 4. July Pärnu
VIII event Autocross 8. August Taali
IX event Autocross 12. September Tääksi
X event Autocross 3. October Pärnu
  1. The exact locations and dates of the event may be changed during season. Changes must be notified at least two weeks in advance. Exceptionally, if caused by force majore (including unsuitable weather conditions and therefore inappropriate track conditions), the notification time may be shorter. In these cases the organizer must inform every competitor instantly using all possible opportunities.

III Superkross Cup Challenge cars and competition classes

  1. In SCC competitors will be classified in the following classes:
  • Junior A (Competitors in ages 12-17 years)
  • Junior B (Competitors in ages 12-17 years)
  • 2WD
  • Lada
  • 2WD Open(in Estonian “2WD Open”)
  • 4WD
  1. Competitor, who will reach the age of 18 during the season has an opportunity to decide before the first event if to compete in Junior A or Junior B classes or not. Competitors who are younger than 18 years old may compete in other classes than junior A or B only with the approval of clerk of the course.
  2. No more than two competitors may compete with the same car at the same event. If competing in the same competition class, the competitor with better result in the qualification may pass to the final.
  3. During an event a competitor is allowed to use only one car and to compete in maximum two different classes.

IV Superkross Cup Challenge team competition

  1. Teams competing in team competition are established by drivers. The number of drivers per team is not limited.
  2. All cars must have Estonian Autosport Union technical card, or abroad competitor’s cars must have their country ASN technical card. All cars have to conform to valid Technical Regulations of Superkross Cup Challenge in specific competition class.
  3. It is compulsory to use MASTER STEEL ML-Sport tires in measures 195/50x 15R at circuit events. Tire hand-cutting is prohibited.
  1. Team can be registered for the whole season on the basis of an application. The fee for team registration is 250EEK per one(1) team member(driver) and is paid to the organizer.
  2. To change the composition of the team, an application must be submitted and a fee 250EEK per every additional member must be paid to the organizer. If a driver is leaving from the team, the team changing fee will not be applied.

IV Technical Regulations in Superkross Cup Challenge

  1. Only tires of model MASTER Nordic 2 or Nordic 3 are allowed on ice circuit and autocross events. Tire hand-cutting is authorized.
  2. For cars competing in 2WD Open and 4WD class it is allowed to use studded tires during ice circuit events in the following conditions: maximum 1 hard alloy stud is allowed per tread block; the maximum length of the stud is 13,2mm and maximum diameter is 2.5mm. Bonding of studs is allowed. Using of studded tires in any other class than 2WD Open or 4WD, is prohibited.

V Competitors

  1. All drivers who have ASN driver’s license can participate in Superkross Cup Challenge.
  2. It is compulsory for the driver to submit at every event:

1)    Duly completed and signed entry form

2)    ASN Driver’s license

3)    ASN registration license

4)    ASN technical card

  1. Compulsory entry fee in competition classes Noored A, 2WD, Lada, 2WD Open and 4WD is 500EEK if pre-registered, and 800EEK if registered in competition place. The compulsory entrance fee in competition class Noored B is 100EEK for pre-registration and 200EEK if registered  in competition place.
  2. A driver is considered to be pre-registered if the pre-registration form is duly filled and presented at and the entry fee is arrived to the bank account of the organizer.
  3. If the pre-registered driver can not participate in the event because of compelling reasons, the organizer may assess the entrance fee as next event’s entrance fee or in agreement with the driver, transfer 80% of the fee back to the driver’s bank account.
  4. Winners of an event are released for paying the next event’s entry fee in the same competition class.
  5. If the entrance fee is paid in advance for the whole season, the driver will get 20% discount. In this case the organizer will return 50% of the events entry fee, if driver did not participate at the event because of compelling reasons.

VI Competition procedure

  1. The competing procedure for Ice circuit (3 events) and Autocross (4 events) will be guided by Estonian Autokross Regulations (will be described in Supplementary Regulations).
  2. The competing procedure for Circuit (3 events) will be guided by Circuit Competition rules. The format with inverted starting order may be used for 1 circuit event and the 1Hour race format with compulsory pit stop may be used for 1 circuit event. The exact competition procedure will be described in Supplementary Regulations.
  3. The distance of the races will be set by Supplementary Regulations. The exact competition procedure will be defined with Supplementary Regulations, which will be published at least 14 days before the event.
  4. The Superfinal race for the Superfinal trophy will be conducted at every event after final races. Only two first drivers from every competition class may start at the Superfinal race. If the driver abandons its right to start at Superfinal, the right will go to next fastest driver in the competition class. 4WD cars will not be permitted to start at Superfinal. Starting grid will be arranged as follows from first- to last position: Noored B(Junior B), Noored A(Junior A), 2WD, Lada and Vabaklass(2WD Open). The distance of Superfinal race is usually half of the Final race distance and it will be appointed by Supplementary Regulations. On ice circuit events, drivers from 2WD Open will be given a start with a delay. The length of delay will be determined on the basis of qualification results by Clerk of the course and told to the drivers just before the start of Superfinal race.
  5. The Mechanics race will be conducted at the season’s final event after Superfinal race. All mechanics, who do not have valid ASN driver’s license, may compete in the Mechanics race. The starting grid will be appointed randomly. Cars from 4WD competition class are not allowed to participate in the Mechanics race.
  6. The car must be immediately after its final race parked in the parc ferme. The cars shall remain in the parc ferme until the end of prize-giving ceremony.
  7. Competitors and their registrants have right to sign protests. All protests must be presented in written form  to the Clerk of the Course and also a caution 500EEK must be paid. The requirement of caution will not be imposed in competition classes Noored A(Junior A) and Noored B(Junior B). Generally, all protests will be arbitrated immediately. If driver’s team members and/or their companions are disturbing the smooth organization of the event, the Clerk of the Course is allowed to impose a fine of 1000EEK to the registrant of the driver. In case repeated and/or intentional violation, the Clerk of the Course may disqualify the driver from the race and cancel the results of a driver.

VII Results of the SCC

  1. Points in the SCC event will be awarded as follows: I – 10, II – 8, III – 7, IV – 6, V – 5, VI – 4, VII – 3, VIII – 2, IX – 1, X – 1 points & etc.
  2. If the number of competitors in a competition class is less than three(3), the results would not be taken into Cup Challenge total account.
  3. The driver needs to complete at least 30% of the final race’s lap number to be awarded with full points, otherwise the driver will get 1 point.
  4. Points at the season’s last event in the SCC will be awarded as follows: I-15, II-12, III-10, IV-9, V-8, VI-7, VII-6, VIII-5, IX-4, X-3, XI-2, XII-2 points & etc.
  5. The winner of qualification will be awarded with 1 extra point. If electronical timing system is used, the author of the fastest lap in final run will be awarded with 1 point.
  6. Points for the individual SCC total results in every competition class – the points sum of all 10 events included in SCC classification, minus 1 event with a weakest result (including retirements and events where driver did not participated, and excluding events where driver was disqualified, or could not start because of penalty).
  7. If two drivers have the same result in SCC total results, the driver who has more victories (second-, third places & etc. higher positions) will be in a better position. If the results are still equal, the results of last event (if needed, also the event before last & etc.) will be favorable.
  8. Points for the team in the event is the sum of 4(four) best results from team drivers’ points.
  9. Points for the team in SCC total results – the point’s sum of all events included in SCC classification. The team with the biggest amount of points is the winner of Superkross Team Trophy.

10. If two teams have the same result, then team with better results from drivers of competition classes Noored A or Noored B will be preferred. If teams are still equal, the team with better results from classes with more competitors will be preferred.

11. The driver who will get the chequered flag first in Superfinal will be the winner or Superfinal and also be the holder of Superfinal Cup until next event.

12. The driver who has won the Superfinal the most during the season will be the overall winner of Superfinal and also become the owner of Superfinal Cup. If two drivers have equally won Superfinals, the driver who has won the Superfinal most recently.

VIII Superkross Cup Challenge Prize-giving and Awards

  1. At every event, first three drivers in every competition class will be awarded with an Etapivõidu karikas(event winners’ trophies) and the winner of the qualification will be awarded with a medal.
  2. According to the individual Superkross Cup Challenge total results, at the end of the season three first drivers in every competition class will be awarded with a Suur Superkrossi Karikas(Big Trophy of Superkross).
  3. Three(3) drivers in every competition class with the highest score from Ice circuit stages will be awarded with Superkrossi Jääraja Karikaga(Superkross Ice circuit Cup).
  4. Three(3) drivers in every competition class with the highest score from Autocross stages will be awarded with Superkrossi Autokrossi Karikaga(Superkross Autocross Cup).
  5. Three(3) drivers in every competition class  with the highest score from Circuit stages will be awarded with Superkrossi Ringraja karikaga(Superkross Circuit Cup).
  6. At every event four(4) best members of each three(3) teams with the highest score will be awarded with medals.
  7. The team with the highest score in total results will be awarded with Superkrossi Meeskonna Karikaga(Superkross Team Trophy) at the end of the season.
  8. The driver who has won the Superfinal the most during the season will become the owner of Superfinaali Rändkarikas(Superfinal Cup).
  9. The mechanics of the winners of every competition class will be awarded with Mehhaanikute karikas(Mechanics trophy).

10. The best female driver and also the youngest driver will be awarded with a medal at every event.

11. Three(3) fastest mechanics from Mechanics race will be awarded with medals.

IX Compulsory advertizing on cars

  1. A sticker „“ is obligatory on the left side in the top of the windscreen and a sticker with logo of „Erki Sport“ is obligatory in the middle on the top of the windscreen. Both stickers will be given by Erki Sport MTÜ. The competition number must be located on the right top side of the windscreen.
  2. The organizer may book surface on the car for three(3) other compulsory advertisements with Supplementary regulations.

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