Supplementary Regulations

2010. Superkross Cup Challenge 2. Event

Translation from Estonian

Registered in Estonian Autosport Union.  nr. 25/RK

1. Event location and date.

1.1. Event will take place on 14.02.2010, Raasilla rallycross track in Tarvastu parish, Viljandi County, Estonia. Track licence nr. 3/RK

1.2. Time schedule

Monday, 01. February 2010 – Supplementary Regulations will be published and pre-registration is opened at
Thursday, 11. February 2010 – The pre-registration will be closed at 17:00 (GMT +02:00)
Sunday, 14. February 2010
08.00-10.00 – Registration of participants, administrative checking
08.30-10.30 – Scrutineering (technical checking)
10.00-10.50 – Free practice
11.00 – Drivers briefing

11.15 – Qualifications
12.00 – Races

The exact schedule of the event, order of races and starting grid will be posted on official notice board on the day of the event.

2. Organizer, officials.

2.1. The organizer of the event is Erki Sport MTÜ
Post address: Kahva tee 1, Papsaare Audru parish, Pärnu county, Estonia

2.2. Officials:
Chairman of Stewards: Eiki Eriste                 II
Clerk of the Course: Erko  Eriste                    II
Safety officer: Toomas Tammik                   III

Chief Timekeeper: Meelis Kustassoo            III
Chief Scrutineer: Marko Luhaoja                  III

Secretary of the race: Maido Õispuu             III

Commentator: Joel Kukk
2.3. Event’s information sources

Eiki Eriste, +372 51 54 591 (est, rus)
Erko Eriste, +372  5287454 (est, rus)

Peeter Raudsepp, +372 5154659 (est, rus, eng, fin)

3. Track

Length of the track: 1100 meters, width 8 – 12 meters.

The traffic on the track is always anti-clockwise.
Track surface: snow and ice.

4. Competition classes

4.1. Junior A (Noored A) drivers aged 12-17 years, 2WD cars with cylinders capacity up to 1600 cm³
4.2. Junior B (Noored B) drivers aged 12-17 years, 2WD cars with cylinders capacity up to 1600 cm³
4.3. 2WD, 2WD cars with cylinders capacity up to 2000 cm³
4.4. Lada,  RWD cars with cylinders capacity up to 2000 cm³
4.5. 2WD Open (Vaba), 2WD cars with cylinders capacity up to 2500 cm3

4.6. 4WD, 4WD cars.

5. General prescriptions, Technical Regulations.

5.1.   The event will be organized in accordance with the Estonian Autosport Union Sporting Code, National Competition Organizers’ Regulations, Superkross Cup Challenge General Regulations, these Supplementary Regulations and Superkross Cup Challenge Technical Regulations.

5.2.   All cars in every competition class must conform to Superkross Cup Challenge Technical Regulations of the competition class.

5.3.  Only tires of model MASTER Nordic 2 or Nordic 3 are allowed.

6. Participants, entries

6.1. It is compulsory for the driver to submit during the administrative checking:
- duly completed and signed entry form
- ASN driver’s license
- ASN registration license
- ASN technical card
6.2.  Compulsory entry fee in competition classes Junior A (Noored A), 2WD, Lada, 2WD Open and 4WD are 500EEK if pre-registered, and 800EEK if registered in competition place. The compulsory entrance fee in competition class Junior B (Noored B) is 100EEK for pre-registration and 300EEK if registered in competition place.

NB! A driver is considered to be pre-registered if the pre-registration form is duly filled and presented at and the entry fee is arrived to the bank account of the organizer. (If you need any instructions, contact us –

7. Competition procedure

7.1. The Competition procedure will be guided by Estonian Autocross regulations.

7.2. The order of courses: qualification, two semi-finals(each 7 laps) and final (9 laps). The starting grid for  all races: 2-3-2-3-2.

7.2. The composition of drivers for qualification will be raffled; not more than 5 cars will be allowed on track for qualification in the same course. At qualification, first lap for introducing and second with timing. The starting grid for first semi-final will be made up according to the results of qualification. If more than one driver have the same time from qualification, the driver who committed the qualification course later, is considered to be on better position.

7.3. The starting grid for second semi-final will be made up according to the results of first semi-final.
7.4  The winner of semi-final will get 1 point, second place 2 points, third 3 points & etc. The points gathered in semi-finals will be summed up. Drivers are allowed to choose their starting places in the final – The driver with the lowest point score is able to make his choice first; the second best driver is able to choose one of the remaining places in the final and so on. If two or more competitors have the same sum of points, the competitor with the higher position from second semi-final gets higher position in final. To qualify for the final, driver has to complete at least 30% (5 laps) of the semi-finals lap amount.

7.5. A false start will be declared if a car leaves its starting place before the start signal. The culprit driver(s) will be warned and the starting procedure will be repeated. If a driver makes a second false start in course he will be excluded from the course.

7.6. The length of the Superfinal is 5 laps.

8. Parc ferme (closed area). Protests.
8.1. The car must be immediately after its final race parked in the parc ferme. The cars shall remain in the parc ferme until the end of prize-giving ceremony.
8.2. Protests can be signed not more than 15 minutes past the results have been published on the official notice board.

9. Results
9.1. Results will be taken into account according to the finish protocol.
9.2. Points will be awarded as follows: I place – 10 points, II – 8, III – 7, IV – 6, V – 5, VI – 4, VII – 3, VIII – 2, IX – 1, X – 1 points & etc. The winner of qualification will be awarded with a 1 extra point.

If the number of competitors in a competition class is less than three (3), the results would not be taken into Superkross Cup Challenge total account.

10. Prize-giving
10.1. First three drivers in every competition class will be awarded with an Etapivõidu karikas (event winners’ trophies) and the winner of the qualification will be awarded with a medal.
10.2. The driver who will get the chequered flag first in Superfinal will be the winner or Superfinal and also be the holder of Superfinal Cup until next event.
10.3. Special prizes
11. Insurance. Responsibility.
Every participant is taking part in the event in their own responsibility. The organizer and Estonian Autosport Union are not responsible for any possible accidents and its consequences.

All aspects which are not specified in these rules will be solved by officials of the event.

12. Paddock

Only one (1) service car, driver(s), four (4) mechanics and drivers representative per one(1) competition car will be allowed to the paddock area.

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